Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ibreviary is Down!

Frowny Face Clip Art

At least on this website, the widget will not display the prayers. In addition, it's not working on my kindle today. All that appears is the name of the hour (Lauds, daytime, etc) but no prayers. I am hoping this isn't something specific to my system, but a glitch that ibreviary will soon correct. I sent their tech support a message, but, you know, ibreviary is run out of Italy. Don't know if they have multi-lingual people to answer questions, and if their using something like google translator, I cringe to think what my message will look like to them in computer Italian.

If any of you are running Ibreviary without difficulties, please let me know.

Meantime, those craving online liturgy can go to   If they had a widget for that I'd be the first to put it up on this site.