Friday, September 23, 2011

New Page is Up!

At long last, the Lazy Woman who writes this blog has actually put something up under the page tab above that says "Praying the Psalms". It's a collection of posts meant to help us understand the daily psalter.  No longer will readers thirsting for information have their hopes shipwrecked on the shoals of "page under construction-come back soon." Long time readers can ignore this page--you've seen it all before.  Newer readers might want to check it out if ever they have wondered about the following:

  • What's the point of praying a sad psalm when I'm happy or a joyous psalm when I'm miserable? 
  • Is it okay to complain to God or do holy people welcome all suffering without the least fuss?
  • There's some Very Violent & Vengeful psalms in the Divine Office. Why does the Church want us to pray such horrible stuff?
  • If we are in the new covenant, what is the use of all the Hebrew imagery in the psalms that we pray?
  • So much of the Divine Office is praising God. Why does God have  to be praised so much? I know God isn't egotistical, but...
The answer to these questions, plus a few other nifty psalm-related essays, will be found when you hit the tab. Have fun.