Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes- You Lieb Me! You really Lieb Me! edition

--- 1 ---
The very sweet Theresa George of Carmelite Mom was nice enough to select me for a Award!
From its name, it seems that this award originated in Germany. "Liebster" means beloved or favorite. It's a way for small, but hopefully up-and-coming blogs to get some recognition. Or maybe just a way for us non-famous blogs to get a mutual admiration society going. It's also a pay-it-forward kind of thing. The idea is to give recognition to your favorite small blogs,(200 followers or less).  So I thought I'd do this here, maybe helping some of my fellow baby bloggers to get a little more traffic. My first nominee would be the nice lady who nominated me, since her blog's gregorian chant background, gratitude lists a la 1000 Gifts, and her insights as a 3rd order Carmelite leave me feeling serene and peaceful everytime I visit Carmelite Mom

--- 2 ---
There are lots of fan sites for Chesterton, many of them offering all kinds of analysis, history, book reviews of books about Chesterton, etc. But what I like about Laughter and Humility is that it humbly offers nothing but Chesterton himself: one pithy excerpt per day, sometimes just a paragraph, other times a good chunk of an essay. I can now start the day with 3 to 5 minutes of GK thanks to this simple but perfect little blog.
--- 3 ---
Dumb Old Housewives is a Catholic Mom Blog minus the cute baby pictures and rhapsodies about the joys of homeschooling. Because these two ladies (alias Mrs. Pinkerton and Mrs. Beazley) know what homeschooling is really like. And because they'd rather make fun of Canadian politics, modernist theologians, liturgists, and diocesan officials (category: Brood of Vipers), with an occasional pause to sing the praises of  Flannery O'Connor. It's also an educational blog for us Americans, since readers learn things about, I dunno, Saskatchewan or Vancouver whatever that place is up there where they live.
--- 4 ---
Here's one I just found the other day. Medical Matins is by a Catholic medical student. She obviously had a great undergraduate education, given her penchant to apply Aristotle, Aquinas, and Catholic theology to her commentary on her life as a med student. I'm fascinated by all this since I know nothing about studying medicine except for what I've gleaned from the TV program House. 
--- 5 ---
Father Jay Torobowsky is a New Jersey native, and likes the old Addams Family TV show. That's enough to make us kindred spirits. Young Fogeys is a journal of humor, wisdom, and irrepressible optimism that comes from the  John Paul II generation of priests.
--- 6 ---
So those are my Liebster blog award winners. If you have some favorite small blogs, give them Liebsters!
--- 7 ---
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