Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome, New Folks.Any New Questions?

Welcome and thank you, new followers Tamara, Cam, Russ,Karyn, Alana and Robert.

Although questions are welcome any time  in the comment boxes of any post, this is the Official Weekly Post that specifically invites questions. Any questions, so long as they are at least tangentially related to the Liturgy of the Hours.

Maybe you aren't sure you're using the right prayers each day. Maybe you want to know what is this Office of Readings I'm always babbling about. Maybe you're wondering what the difference is between a memorial and a commemoration. Maybe you can't decide between praying the daily rosary and the Divine Office, don't have time for both, and want some guidance. Although we've already covered that one so you can just look it up.

 And don't forget, there are no stupid questions.