Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Questions and/or Your Two Cents

It's Wednesday once again: your chance to ask any questions, state any difficulty, or express any confusion regarding the Divine Office. Between me and our other brilliant readers who comment here, we should be able to help. Last week we discussed the problem of when to pray which hour when you have your days and nights mixed up physiologically due to working night shifts.

Also, welcome new follower, BARB. I hope you like it here at Coffee&Canticles.

Other news. I just finished the manuscript of an article that explains all about Third Orders. Two Coffee&Canticles  Readers, a lay Franciscan and a lay Carmelite, very kindly gave me there time with lengthy phone interviews. They are  CarmeliteMom Theresa and Barb, SFO, whose blogs I just linked here. Thanks very much, ladies.

One more thing, folks, I'm looking for some guest posts. Personal essays about how the Divine Office came into your life and how you keep it there. Or your own commentary on a particular psalm or reading. Just send it to my personal email,which is   thesockeys"at" gmail "dot" com.  


  1. Hi Daria...I came to your blog through Theresa at 'Carmelite Mom'. I'm a new reader here and trying to make some new blogging acquaintances. : )

    I'd be interested in reading your article on third orders.I'm a Benedictine oblate and though we don't refer to ourselves as such I think it's 'in the family' of third orders...Is that right?

    Blessings and +

  2. Welcome Caroline. If I'd known about you last week I might have wanted to pick your brains as well. I certainly included Benedictines as falling under the "third order" umbrella, although I was careful to note that they call themselves oblates, not third order. I did find an oblate from Virginia who told me a few things about the Benedictine life. The article is slated to appear in Catholic Digest sometime this spring.