Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't forget Gabe and Rafe!

St. Michael tends to steal most of the spotlight today, given all those St. Michael the  action hero paintings and tee shirts  that are out there. But let's not forget the other two archangels. We are familiar with Gabriel because of the two annunciations (to Mary re: Jesus and to Zachariah re: John the Baptist). But today's Office of Daytime Prayer , at Midday, reminds us that Gabriel appears in the Old Testament as well, in the book of Daniel. It only gives a snippet, but if you go to Daniel, chapter 8:15, and chapter 9:2 through all of chapter 10, you will read more about Gabriel and a little bit about Michael as well. The footnote in my Bible says that the man in chapter 10 with the body of chrysolite and face that shone like lightening was also probably Gabriel, although he is not explicitly named as he was in chapter 9. If this is the case, then we see that Gabriel does some warrior work as well, although clearly he is second string to St. Michael, who has to come help him out.

The Mid-afternoon reading is from the book of Tobit, where Raphael makes his appearance. You might also want to go to this book of the Bible to review the whole interesting story of this angel in disguise.