Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't Mess with St. Michael. A true story.

A true story.

When my husband was in grad school getting his M.A in philosophy,  he lived in a guest house of a religious order, along with several of his friends. There  was a small statue of St. Michael in a niche  in the hallway. It was the typical pose, based on that famous painting where Michael is standing on the neck of Lucifer and brandishing a spear.

 There was also something on his head that, as in the picture on the right, looked an awful lot like a hair ribbon. And on this statue it was a faded red-almost-pink color.

One day, as Bill  and a fellow student were walking by, he just couldn't resist. He pointed towards the statue.

"Look at that. He has a bow in his hair! A pink bow! I bet the devil just called him a sissy and that's why he's down on the ground."

At that very moment, the little spear slipped out of St. Michael's plaster hands. It hit the back of Bill's hand.

And drew blood.

This really happened.