Monday, September 19, 2011

Poor Little Me!

Psalm 6 in today's Office of Readings both comforted me and got me to laugh at myself as I read:

Have mercy on me, Lord, I have no strength;
Lord, heal me, my body is wracked;
my soul is racked with pain...
I am exhausted with my groaning.

I read this lines, nodding, thinking, "Yep, that's me, Lord. I'm a piece of misery."

This was followed up with a mucus-infused snort of laughter, since my terrible affliction consists of (drum roll, please) a cold. And my misery is more from having my plans for the week thwarted than from my symptoms,I think. What a big baby am I.

Now to crawl back into bed (since the kid is off to school) and comfortably wallow in my illness. And thank God that my health problems are so few that a cold seems like a Big Deal.