Monday, March 25, 2013

Mundelein Psalter update

Last week a reader pointed out that after buying the Mundelein psalter (on my recommendation) and going to their website to look up the (recommended by me) audio files of psalm tones for chanting, they weren't there. 

I verified this terrible loss to all would-be amateur chanters, and wrote to Fr. Martis (author/editor of the Psalter) for an explanation. Here is what came back today:


Thank you for your note. 

The University has been migrating to a new website. Consequently all of our pages have been affected.

We have been trying to resolve the issues. 

I will contact you when I have more information. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fr. Martis

So that sounds hopeful. We should have those audio files back sooner or later.


  1. Yes, indeed this sounds hopeful! It sounds like the intent is to continue to maintain the audio files once the website issues are resolved.

    So, I think I have my LOTH project for this summer: Becoming familiar with chanting using the Mundelein Psalter. The links should be available by then, I would guess. Hooray!

  2. Why wait? Here's the audio-files page thanks to the Wayback Machine:

    1. Wow! Scott! I had no idea that this web archive thing existed. I'll put this in a post.