Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Pope accused of being "medieval"...

...I am soooooooo relieved to hear that!

For more facts on our new Papa Francesco, see this post by Taylor Marshall. It's all very encouraging, but I can't wait to learn more.


  1. Secular journalist on Canadian TV asks Jesuit professor of theology at a Cdn university about the new pope's views on all the usual issues: gay marriage, women's ordination, contraception, abortion. Professor (squirming) answers that the new pope "has a lot to learn", and on those issues, Pope Francis is "not there yet." Then he throws a bone to traditional Catholic teaching and adds that the world does things one way, and Christians do things another way--but in the end, that Christians don't have the right to "legislate" for the world. FAIL.

    Medieval? Praise God.

    1. Do yourself a favor, Mrs. P., and just camp out in the Catholic ghetto for the next few days and enjoy the love fest. EWTN streams live everywhere if you don't have a local radio affiliate.