Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For the Psalmsayer's Christmas List

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American edition

British edition

Blessed John Paul gave a long series of Wednesday audiences that consisted of teachings on the psalms and canticles of morning and evening prayer. He didn't finish the entire  psalter's worth before his death, but Pope Benedict finished the series. These are available in book form--one for Morning  Prayer and one for Evening Prayer. There are two different editions, one produced in the USA by Liturgy Training Publications and one from the Catholic Truth Society of England. The English edition is half the price of the American, although it might take more of a search to find it. It seems that even ordering from AmazonUK and paying the postage will still save you money over the American edition.

These papal meditations are easy to follow. Clearly these two wonderful popes were/are doing what they can to fulfill the desire of the Second Vatican Council to make the liturgy of the hours known and appreciated by the whole people of God.

Each meditation is preceded by the  psalm or canticle being discussed, so you don't need your breviary with you to read this book.

Put them on your Christmas list.