Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kudos to You-dos! Especially the Hobbit!

Welcome to everyone who has joined in the last month or so, including Allison, Joseph, "E", Laurencio, Michael,  and most of all, Franciscan Hobbit!  If you had any idea what an obsessive Tolkien fan I am, you'd maybe have an Inkling (get it?) of how happy I am that Coffee and Canticles is being followed by a hobbit.

If I left anyone out, forgive me--not everyone's profile shows what date they signed up.

Thanks also to many, many new readers who are not signed on as followers, but check the blog out from it's link on DivineOffice.org  Huge thanks to Dane Falkner or whichever one of his colleagues was responsible for putting that link up there. To anyone who is not familiar with this particular online breviary, I again recommend it heartily, especially for its unique feature of podcasts of each day's liturgical hours, giving anyone who wants it a great sense of what it is to recite the Divine Office in a community situation, and supplying commuting drivers and  moms-or-dads-fixing-dinner  a wonderful hands-free option for morning and evening prayer.

Now, I shouldn't be like this. It's probably greedy. But...it would do my little numerological heart good to move from 48 to a nice round 50 followers here on blogger, OR to inch up from 98 to 100 on Google Reader. So if any of you folks who come here from DivineOffice.org  like what you see here, why not make it easier on yourself and get this stuff sent to you direct?