Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest Psalmsayers Wanted!

Would any of you like to write something for Coffee and Canticles?

Some of you are experienced Psalmsayers.

Some of you have your own blogs.

That means  some of you can probably share your insights about the Divine Office in coherent paragraphs just as well as I can. Or better. A variety of voices would help this blog do a better job in accomplishing its purpose, which is to get laity interested in praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

So think about it. Does a particular psalm or canticle really move you? Do you have some great tips for integrating the Liturgy of the Hours into your day? Is there a saint's day coming up that you would like to tell us about?  Do you have a story from your daily life at home or at work that you can relate to what we pray and learn from the psalms and readings of the Office?  Could  you  tell us how you discovered the Breviary, and why you like it?   If you can do any of these in an orderly and engaging manner, I'd love to hear from you.

Keep your posts short (100 to 300 words). Send them to me:
If your post is a comment on a particular day's office, send it in far enough ahead of time so that I have time to review and post it on the proper day, e.g. don't sent a reflection on Sunday Morning prayer on a Sunday Night.