Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hitting a Roadblock...

...on your way to praying the Liturgy of the Hours? Maybe you're interested in starting, but don't know where to begin: which book (or online breviary) to use? How do I find time to do this?

Or maybe you've just cracked open that shiny new breviary...and have no idea how to find your place. Or you're not sure about what to do on a saint's memorial.

Or maybe you're pretty good at this, but have noticed on a visit to a monastery that the monks do things quite differently from the way you have been doing it, and want to know if your way is a valid option or whether you've been doing it wrong.

Or maybe....there's something else you want to know. Ask here, and I'll ransack the relevant Church documents to find the answer. Or if it's not a Church Documents sort of question, I'll tell you based on long experience and obsessive liturgical information gathering.