Thursday, November 17, 2011

How Dry I Am. Or Was. And What I Did About It

This is off topic, friends, but I am looking for a little assistance with an article I'm writing for a Catholic magazine. The topic is spiritual dryness--those periods in our lives when prayer suddenly seems dull and meaningless. When it feels like God is not there or is not listening-- we know He is, but it just doesn't feel this way.   The temptation is to slack off on prayer because, after all, it doesn't seem to do anything for us.

The article will include all the classical spiritual advice on this topic, and examples from the lives or writings of the saints. What I need is testimony from contemporary Catholics--like you--who have dealt with this problem. Maybe brief descriptions of how the dry spell came about, how long it lasted, how you reacted to it initially, what actions you took, and what you learned from it or how it impacted your spiritual progress overall. I'd also like a little info about your state in life so that the article could read, "Jack is a financial advisor and father of two. A recent convert, he prayed daily and says he was "on fire" for his faith. But one day that changed...

This is kind of personal stuff so I don't expect to hear from you in the comboxes. Also, I'd like the option of being able to followup with an email in case I have a clarifying question or two. So if you are interested in helping me out, email me at      The actual article would change your name to protect your privacy, and would leave out any details that might identify you to others.

In advance, I thank anyone who wants to help with a project that has the potential to help other people with this particular stage in their spiritual lives.