Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Putting the Breviary on Your Kindle

I've had two inquiries in two days about how to get the mobile  app/ widget to one's Kindle.
And with all the Kindles being purchased this Christmas, I'm guessing that more of you will need this info really soon.
My experience is with the 3rd generation, "Kindle Keyboard" model. The others appear to have the same web browser and some way to type in web addreses, so...
1.Click Menu, then "Experimental".
2. From the Experimental menu choose launch  browser.
3. Click Menu again, and choose "Enter URL"
4. Type in  This will bring you to the ibreviary homepage.
5. Click on "English" at the top of the page so that it will switch from Italian.
6. Get about halfway down the page using the down arrow key. Find a white rectangular button or sign that says IBreviary app for prayer/click here to pray now. This should bring up the ibreviary menu for the day, similar to what I have here on the left side of this blog.
7. Before you do anything else, hit Menu and arrow down to "Bookmark this page" THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO THROUGH ALL THIS AGAIN EACH DAY.
8. Now you may choose your prayers from the menu.
9. Note well: ibreviary is on a European time zone, and will change to the next day's prayer at 6:00 PM. If you routinely say Evening prayer after this, make sure to choose it from the main menu as soon as you finish the previous hour you've prayed, so that it will be there when you want it. There is a way to re-set to the previous day if you get on after 6 PM, but it is a bit of a bother.
10. That's it. After this, all you have to do is launch the browser and choose ibreviary from your bookmark page.

I will label this post under "Amazon Kindle" in case you need to refer to it in the future.

New note in 2014: Father Nathan Miller recently noted that the URL for the Kindle mobile version is now:  
As Kindle keeps getting updated, things are bound to change. Also, please note that this process is for the regular, e-ink Kindle reader, not the Kindle Fire tablet, which uses the Android app version of iBreviary.


  1. You can also just go

  2. You are right. I was able to do it that way, but when I tried it this way for someone else, for some reason it wouldn't work. So that's why I gave the longer process.

  3. Thanks -- this was very helpful!

  4. Selecting "Article mode" makes the pages even prettier.

  5. I wasn't aware of "article mode" How do I get to that?

  6. It only took me five months to reply when I happened to visit this page again! Simply press the Menu button and scroll down to Article Mode. I imagine you have already discovered this within the past five months though...

  7. Yes, I did figure it out, although I rarely use my Kindle reader for ibreviary now that I also have an ipod touch. The mobile app is so much better--you can download a weeks' worth at a time. And I guess the Kindle Fire can also use the mobile app.

  8. The mobile version is now

    I could not get the website to load with whispernet on my kindle, until I first did a google search, and then after the page loaded, on the bottom of the page clicked on "web version" which sent me directly to the above webpage. It probably was not loading before because the /m2/ was missing at the end.

    Blessings +++

    "How to get the breviary on kindle."

    1. Thanks, Father. I think my original post is a bit outdated. Kindles, and the ibreviary program, have changed a bit since then. I'll add you comments to the original post above.