Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes-Farewell to Foliage

--- 1 ---
A week ago I could walk almost silently on the woodland trail behind my house. Yesterday, the swish of fallen leaves 3 inches deep answered my every step. Wind plus rain, even with continued warm temperatures, is accelerating the relentless change of the landscape from rainbow to brown&grey. So, a farewell salute to early fall 2011 in NW Pennsylvania:
--- 2 ---

--- 3 ---
Just noticed the closing prayer for today's prayer at Midday: Lord Jesus, at noon, when darkness covered the earth, you mounted the wood of the cross as an innocent victim for our redemption.   I like that verb "mounted". It emphasizes  that our Lord was not a passive victim. He willed every moment of His passion.
--- 4 ---
I learned today that indeed, God does "shower down snow white as wool" on the Holy Land from timne to time, after reader "R" pointed me to a linkThis is a church in Jerusalem last year..
--- 5 ---
Fooling around in the Kindle store, looking for cheap Catholic books, I found The Divine Office by Father Quigley for an unbeatable price: Free!  I think you can also get this on Gutenburg or other free ebook sites. It was written before the Second Vatican Council, so there is plenty of historical information for the Breviary geek. Apparently the Divine Office has been revised OFTEN over the centuries.
--- 6 ---
I keep dithering on whether to buy the text to go with Fr. Barron's incredible Catholicism  series. There is no sign of it running on my local PBS affiliate. And since I don't have cable I don't get EWTN. I couldn't really afford this for myself right now, so that kind of answers the dithering. Then there's the book. Wondering what that is like. Does anyone out there have it?
--- 7 ---
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