Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From Father Barron's Catholicism

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You've  probably heard the buzz for the new dvd/TV series Catholicism.  If not, please get off this blog now and enjoy the preview on YouTube.

There's also a book to go with the series, which I'm enjoying these days. Here's an excerpt from the chapter on the Liturgy:

Aristotle says the best activities are the most useless. This is because such things are not simply means to a further end but are done entirely for their own sake. Thus watching a baseball game is more important than getting a haircut, and cultivating a friendship is more important than making money...this is why the most important parts of the newspaper are the sports section and the comics, and not as we would customarily think, the business and political reports. In this sense, the most useless activity of all is the celebration of the Liturgy, which is another way of saying it is the most important thing we could possibly do. There is no higher good than to rest in God, to savor his sweetness--in a word, to praise him.  (Catholicism, p 172. )

Something to  keep that in mind when you're praying the Divine Office.

You will like the book version of Catholicism, whether or not you are fortunate enough to see the dvd series.