Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yeah, St. Columba and Me Both

How I wish He would awaken me, His humble servant, from the sleep of slothfulness, even though I am of little worth. How I wish He would enkindle me with that fire of divine love. The flames of His love burn beyond the stars, the longing for his overwhelming delights...

-from the Office of Readings, Tuesday, 28th week in ordinary time.


  1. Me too! Please!

    I am thinking of moving to the four volume...I heard the readings alone are worth it. Maybe a Christmas gift : )


  2. You can get a pretty good deal on the 4-volume by clicking through to Amazon on In the meantime, there's always the online breviaries. You can put the ibreviary widget on your own blog and do OOR whenever you go there.

  3. Really? Okay...I have to look into that...thank you. Although I have a hard time reading off the computer and much prefer a book in hand...but I forgot that is an option for now.~Theresa

  4. Sorry Daria...I used my husband's Google account to leave a comment. He just started a blog-LOL! ~Theresa