Friday, October 7, 2011

Do You Live in Boston?

Then please check out my post today on Faith&Family Live about my husband, Bill, and the National Pilgrim Virgin (Fatima) statue that is touring the archdiocese this month. It includes links to the schedule.

Even people who think they know everything about Fatima usually learn something new from Bill's talk.


  1. I guess we'll be seeing him on Friday at our parish. St Joseph's in Holbrook. How cool.

  2. Make sure you wish Bill happy birthday--it's today (13th), which is pretty cool considering what he does for living.

  3. I didn't see your comment in time to wish him happy birthday; but I did say hi and introduce myself. Not that he could have missed us since we sat right behind him in Mass and Anthony had to be taken out and Ben started whining for his missing blankies and... well I have four kids and they were kids. I hope Ben didn't hit Bill.

    And Oct 13 is a very cool birthday.

    We were very privileged to be able to go today. I think it made a big impression on the kids and I know Bill's talk gave me much to think on.