Friday, February 3, 2012

Seven Quick Takes- Blogiversary Edition!

--- 1 ---
Your text here.Thank you, everyone for all the kind, complimentary, and encouraging  things you said on my Blog Birthday post.  I have since learned from more experienced bloggers that the correct term is Blogiversary.
--- 2 ---
Just in case anyone missed it, that very same Blogiversary post is also the start of my month-long bookgiveaway. The list of goodies--to which I might add later on--is on the post. Just leave any kind of comment, and on Sunday I'll pick a winner. The winner gets to pick the prize. Then we'll continue with several more giveaway posts through the end of the month.
--- 3 ---
I'm not the only one with a big February Giveaway going on. Check out Snoring Scholar for yet more chances to win some Catholic books.
--- 4 ---
I'm not the only one with a Blogiversary. Misty's Mornings  has one too.
--- 5 ---
As Lent approaches, here is a blog you want to be aware of, especially if you want to go meatless more often than just Fridays. Celeste Behe does a bang up job of dishing out one meatless recipe after another, and give recipes in 12-serving sizes for a large family or small families who like leftovers. She's already gearing up for this lent with a few teaser menus, such as this one.
--- 6 ---
I'm trying to create a flyer to email to Catholic conference planners, letting them know I'm available for speaking and Divine Office How-to workshops starting this spring. But I'm going berserk trying to keep the pictures and text from playing musical chairs, or maybe Twister, once I attach my perfect little document to an email. When I tried to repair things in Google docs, it just got worse each time someone who received it clicked View. Then I tried just pasting the whole thing on the email instead of attaching. The pictures disappeared. If anyone who  knows of an online tutorial for this situation, Please let me know.
--- 7 ---
I know from experience that February is Homeschool Desperation month.  Know that you will get over it. This is not the right time of year to make a decision. Research all the private and public schools you want--my fingers would wear a groove in the "Schools" section of the Yellow pages this time of year--but do it as research for a possible change next year. While you're at it, look into cyberschools, which are a lifesaver for many a nearly burnt out Mom. And have a beer or a martini every evening while you're fixing dinner until the start of lent. That will help. 
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