Sunday, February 5, 2012

And the Winner (s) Is (Are)!!!

In order to help move along the pile of giveaway books I have here, we decided to pick not one, but 3 winners from the hat--a black fedora to be specific--for part I of the giveaway.

The winners are Kate Wicker, whose blog Mothers will not want to missBob, a regular reader here who knows who the good authors are, and Bia, a recent drop-in from Seven Quick Takes. Bia has a very nice Italian-American Catholic Mom blog called La Dolce Vita, which combined with the signature "legs" graphic from My Three Sons on her profile has me utterly charmed. (That show's prime time run is a faint childhood memory. The tune stays with me more than the actual show.)

I will be contacting each of these winners asking them to pick their prize, and hoping no one want the same item. A new giveaway will start tonight or tomorrow.

Enjoy the Superbowl, folks. I'm just afraid it will run over  into my time to watch  Downton Abbey, which would be sad. I'll just have to offer it up.

Now to find those dip and wings recipes...