Thursday, February 23, 2012

Are You too Busy to notice that You're Slothful?

cute animal, but not a cute vice

I  wanted to share a post from a UK blog titled The Hermenuetic of Continuity. It's about my favorite vice, sloth, and why we may not alwyas recognize it in ourselves.

 we might indeed dismiss the idea of sloth, thinking that because we are very busy and have lots of work to do, it does not apply to us. Paradoxically sloth can be associated with the stress and overwork that many people experience: we can become averse to all other effort, reluctant to spend our spare time on anything of genuine value, and particularly indifferent to prayer. ....For example, the Rosary takes about fifteen minutes to say, but it is seen as a great chore compared with three hours watching television or aimlessly surfing the internet.
So true. 
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