Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday Welcome and Q&A

After Monday's shameless plea for more blogger "followers" my silly wish of breaking 100 has been achieved. But I understand that most of these new "followers"  have already been following for a while without having bothered to click follow and jump through whatever little hoops blogger presents. So thank you very much, Michele,JJ,KM, and Mahree.  Also to Chris, who signed up last week independent of the Shameless Plea. And now I will shut up about this followers thing.

Today is Q&A day. The breviary options are a bit tricky this week,because we leave off our normal place in the psalter, using either Wednesday IV for Office of Readings, Friday III for Morning Prayer,and then, I think, back to Wednesday IV for the other hours. So there's one question anticipated. Next question: what happens between Thursday and Saturday, psalter-wise?

Answer: week IV in the psalter up to the end of the last psalm, then flip to the Common of  Seasons in the front of your book for the everything else. We start over with Week I in the psalter on Sunday, and the four weeks cycle through as usual, although always using the Common of Season for the second half of each hour.

Anything else you want to know?