Friday, February 24, 2012

Kindle the Fire with a Kindle Fire!

Just had to share this very cute pun made by made by a priest in Cincinnati. What we learn from Father Joseph is that:
1. Even priests can find it a cumbersome burden to find one's place in the breviary each day, and
2. Even priests can find themselves only able to get to their breviary once a day.(which for them means reading the entire day's Office at once rather than at the appropriate times of day. Not wrong, but not optimal either.) and
3. Even priests can have their prayer life enhanced by the ease and convenience and the portability of an online breviary such as, in this case,

Here is Father Joseph's article


  1. I don't have a Kindle Fire, or even a smart phone or an ipad. I guess I am resistant to technology! I do however have a regular Kindle, a gift from my kids, that I am learning to enjoy. Is the Office available on the regular Kindle, and if so, how do I navigate it (without ribbons??)

    Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy reading your reflections on the readings as well as the how-to nuts and bolts stuff.

    One other question, one that I know you have answered before, but I can't find it now. You can just direct me to the correct date to keep from repeating your answers. When saying the Office alone, what bits are considered "optional" and can be left off, and which are required reading?

  2. Hi Weaver,
    I have Kindle, too. Here's an old post where I explain how to get ibreviary on it:
    Or just go into my archives for November, and find the post titled "putting the breviary on your kindle." If you have any questions about the process, just write me again.
    Optional things when you are by yourself are: The opening hymn, the psalm prayers, repeating the first line of the responsory that follows the reading. Also, when you do the intercessions,you can skip the introductory line and go right to the intercessions. And you may read just the two parts of the intercession without the repeated response (e.g. Lord, hear our prayer)

  3. Daria,
    I have mentioned this before and I hope you can resolve this problem for me. I goto say my morning prayers which are fine but if I go to say vespers the next day has already appeared. I like this site very much but am having trouble with it as this problem exists. What can I do? I do have my own Liturgy book but it is so convenient to not have to flip back and forth.
    Any suggestions???

    1. Jeanne, here's the thing. ibreviary is based in Italy,and when it's midnight for them, they change the day, but it's only 5 or 6 for us. Now, there's two fixes for this. The easiest thing, if you can remember to do it, is when you are finished with the previous hour (daytime or morning)go right away to the menu bar , click on the thing that takes you to the main page, and choose vespers. That way, it will be there later when you are ready for it.
      The other way (if you forgot to choose vespers earlier) is to go to the menu bar, but click on the three little dots where it says "more". This will take you to a screen where you can move the date back, click okay, and you can click "breviary" on the menu bar and see that the menu now has today's vespers on it. I find this such a pain to do that I would rather grab my book. So the best bet is to train yourself to set it to vespers after you finish day time prayer.

  4. Daria,
    You are angel. Thankyou so much. I will remember you especially in prayer today.
    In Christ,

  5. Thank you! I can always use prayers.

  6. Gotta say, the online prayers make it so much easier. Maybe next year I should go "old school" for Lent ;)