Thursday, June 7, 2012

Augustine's Psalm Commentaries for 99 Cents!

St. Augustine: Exposition on the Book of Psalms

Another amazing Kindle find.
We read a few excerpts from St. Augustine's commentaries on the psalms in the Office of Readings. But here is the complete opus--commentary on every psalm, verse by verse, by one of the greatest of the doctors of the Church.
The drawbacks to the Kindle version:
-no table of contents. A bad thing when you have 1200 pages of text, and want to find a particular psalm.
-this is an 1857 edition,meaning somewhat more archaic English than we are used to.

But hey! For 99 cents, you can go through it, noting down the ebook section numbers, and make your own table of contents.

Or, you can buy the modern English version, in four paperback volumes, for $120.