Monday, June 4, 2012

Let Religious Freedom Ring!


If you're a reader of Catholic blogs, it would be hard not to notice that the upcoming Fortnight for Freedom is a hot topic these days. Rightly so. Are you doing anything in the way of public prayer or catechesis between June 21 and July 4th?   Over at Catholic Exchange I wrote about what our parish is doing.

If you want to learn more, and find some great free fact sheets you can hand out at your parish, go to the USCCB website.


  1. I don't think our parish has anything going...this is the first I've heard about Fortnight for Freedom.

  2. You're from the Philly diocese, right? Here's a link about some things going on:

  3. I'm actually in the Trenton, NJ diocese. We have a Mass and rally on Friday, and they mention Fortnight for Freedom in a brief press release, but I really had to LOOK for it. And it got a mention but no list of events/activities/action items.