Saturday, June 9, 2012

Convicted by Daytime Prayer&new translation

Reading Daytime Prayer today, using the Revised Grail Psalm translation, this verse from Psalm 119 leaped out at me:

Turn my eyes from gazing at vanities...

Which immediately  put me (guiltily)  in mind of my  iPod Touch, which I've used to gaze at quite a few vanities in the few weeks that I've had it.

I would not have been so convicted had I been reading what is in our current breviaries:
Keep my eyes from what is false.
 After all, you can't describe  Angry Birds as either true or false. Just harmless entertainment, right?
The Bubble Wrap thing is soothing, as is the Air Harp.
And most of my apps direct me to Catholic  news.
And my music, well, it's good music. Nothing with lyrics that would lure me away from the path of righteousness. And the diet/fitness app, that's not "false".

But vanities? As in ways to waste time when I could be doing lots of better things?

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  1. James I. McAuleyJune 11, 2012 at 9:40 PM


    Psalm 118 (119) Vulgate translation, Baronius, 2011: "Turn away my eyes, lest they look upon vanity;"

    Pian Psalter, Olinger Translation, Liturgical Press, 1963: "Turn away my eyes from seeing what is vain."
    Fides translation, Pian Psalter (Book of Hours, EnCalcat Abbey, 1956) "Turn my eyes from seeing vain things."

    Father Weber had a lot of older translations to help him, and you an see how his translation reflects the hermenuetic (sic) of continuity