Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bargain of the Week!

True Freedom: On Protecting Human Dignity and Religious Liberty

I should be working on getting up the nerve to make half a dozen phone calls (I am mildly telephone-phobic) related to our parish Fortnight for Freedom plans. So of course I"m procrastinating. But it's good procrastinating, cuz' I'm giving you Kindle owners a hot tip:

Buy Cardinal Dolan's fantastic new e-book on Religious Freedom. Only .99!
I love how Cardinal Tim starts out with a summary of the gospel of life, thus starting from a point of "Here's the beautiful, positive vision and reality we are defending", thus reframing the argument so that it's not seen as the defense of a single, unpopular "thou shalt not" (contraception).

Only 37 pages. You can do it in one or two sittings.