Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Welcome,Wine&Cheese, &Weekly Q&A

A hearty welcome to new blog followers.  Here's to J. H. Rose,  Vicki, and Teresa.

It's been an interesting week here. The house is being re-sided and a room remodelled. As a result, there is furniture from that room strewn over the rest of the house, including a mattress and boxspring blocking a doorway between the living room and the dining room. Somewhere in this mess of furniture and whatnot is my missing computer mouse. This touchpad, alternating between over and under-sensitive, is driving me berserk.
 And  Tonight we have a double feature  Fortnight for Freedom lecture at Church: one  an overview of the current controversy, another one demonstrating how the healthcare mandate violates current laws regarding accommodating  religion in the workplace. Followed by a wine and cheese social.

So what was meant to be a quiet morning of writing is being overtaken with arrangements for glasses, ice, and table cloths.

I think I need that wine right now, even if it is only 10:20am!

But that's okay. First world problems are not really problems, I keep telling myself.
So this is why the Q&A post is a little late today. One resourceful reader just asked his question on last week's Q&A. Christopher said his parish was celebrating the feast of Sts Peter and Paul on Sunday instead of Friday (parish patrons, I guess), and wanted to know what he should do about his Hours? My answer was that it would make sense to follow his parish and do St. Peter on Sunday, and do the weekday on Friday.

So--any breviary related questions? Here's the place to ask.