Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Breviary is a Great Puzzlement

Don't you think so?

Then you've come to the right place, because it's weekly Q&A time.

But first, welcome to new followers Elizabeth and Betsy. Also a welcome back to Theresa, who I'm sure had been following this blog before, but since now her picture is now near the top of the list, it must be that she dropped off for a while and then re-enlisted. Theresa, I'll be happy to receive your Carmelite insights here from time to time. And I'll be checking out your blog, My Desert Heart

Most of you know the drill. If something about the Liturgy of the Hours, or its earthly incarnation known as the breviary, then ask away. My tireless team of researchers will comb the teachings of the church as needed to find the answer.


  1. LOL! Daria...musical blogs I swear! I am currently hidden over at WP but am mostly likely switching back to blogger since I have grown to loathe WP. To each his own I guess. Thanks for the mention. I needed to start over again for many reasons : ) question...and you probably answered this there somewhere online that you can listen to the Divine Office chanted (whatever the Office for the day is)? Thanks much!

    1. Well, the best I can do with your question is, which you probably already know, is that Sometimes chants their podcasts. But not always. However, I just did a little internet research for you Try this:
      I haven't actually listened to one yet, so maybe you can try it and get back to me on whether it fills the bill for you.

    2. Theresa, I"m listening to one now. The psalms don't match the breviary. I'm thinking this is the Benedictine monastic breviary, which is different from the one we use. It's lovely, though.

    3. Thanks was down for a day or so but is up and running now.

      I can't really understand what they are singing...a little muffled but sound quite lovely.
      I am still thinking on the book you mentioned that involves chanting the psalms but it's a purchase that will have to wait.

      Thank you for generously sharing your time.


  2. Thank you for the welcome! My question is could you put the questions and answers in a separate post or put them in the same post rather than leave them in the comments? Then if you tagged the post as FAQ or something like that it would be easier to find them. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Hi Daria,

    Quick technical question... since today is the solemnity of the Sacred Heart, it says to use the complimentary psalmody for daytime prayer. Assuming that I'd get around to more than one of the daytime offices, does that mean use the complimentary psalms for all three?

    Obviously not a huge issue, but something I've been wondering about. :D


  4. Yes. There are 3 sets of complementary psalms, one each for terce, sext, and none. So you would use all three of them.