Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Run-up to Fortnight, Q&A, and Welcome... new blog follower Erik, and also to "tsjackso" who might have already been here for a week or so but I somehow missed during previous welcome posts. 

Very busy here with the Venango county, PA Fortnight 4 Freedom team. We're at the southern end of the Erie diocese, a very rural area, but we're doing the Fortnight in a big way, with bulletin announcements, literature tables, and a lecture series on topics related to the issues of the day. Our final lecture, "Spiritual Warfare in the the fight for Religious Freedom, will mention among other things,the Liturgy of the Hours, and end with Vespers.  The other lectures will end with either wine and cheese or beer and bratwurst. (What we won't do to draw a crowd!)

If any of you are involved in your community with the Fortnight, share in comments what you're up to. This is an exciting time for the Church in America.

Meanwhile, any questions about the how's, why's, and wherefore's of the LOTH, just ask!